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Get Your Offer Accepted!

At Monument Square Mortgage, our goal is to provide every advantage to help you get into your new home.

Together with your pre-approval letter, our 14-Day Guaranteed Close program gives you a competitive advantage over other buyers and into the home of your dreams.


Guaranteed 14-Day Close!

Your loan will close within 14 days, or we pay $125 for every late day (up to $1,000).

Here’s how it works:

You apply and get your pre-approval letter.

You find the home you wish to purchase.

Your real estate agent makes the offer.

The seller accepts the offer.

Property, title and appraisal meets underwriting guidelines.

Close in 14 days!

Your dedicated Loan Partner will guide you through your Home Loan Journey!

Get started today with our fast and easy-to-use app.

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Get Pre-Approved Today!

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