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We're Here to Guide You Through Every Step of Your Home Loan Journey

At Monument Square Mortgage, we bring together the best of personalized service and technology with the goal of getting you into your home as quickly and easily as possible.


Your dedicated Loan Partner will work with you throughout your entire loan journey. They will support you by phone, text or screen sharing and communicate with you via our easy-to-use app.


You can use our easy-to-use mobile app or Web app to upload documents, track your loan status and get the answers you need from virtually anywhere.  

Learn about the home loan process.

Step 1

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Online Meeting
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Step 2

Apply and get pre-approved for your home loan.

Download our app to get pre-approved and connect with your licensed Loan Partner

Your Loan Partner can help you determine what you can afford

Communicate your way – message through the app, text, email or voice

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Step 3

Consider your down payment funds.

  • Down payments vary by the type of loan solutions and typically require between 3%-20% of the home price.

  • Some loan solutions, such as FHA, VA and USDA loans, allow to very-low zero down payment.

  • Down Payment Assistance programs can help you access cash for your down payment.

  • We offer support with Down Payment Assistance programs to access cash for your down payment. 

  • We offer programs designed specifically to help first-time homebuyers.

  • Your Loan Partner will help you review the options and access the programs that will best support you.

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Working From Home
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Step 4

Receive your pre-approval letter with the help of your Loan Partner.

  • Once you complete your application, you will receive a pre-approval letter that shows exactly how much you can afford.

  • You can utilize this letter in making offers to gain a competitive advantage, especially when there are multiple offers.

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Checking Text on a Document

Step 5

Shop for your dream home, make an offer and get it accepted.

  • Connect with a real estate agent and find a home you love.

  • Your real estate agent will help you make offers and get you under contract for your new home. Having your pre-approval letter can give you a competitive advantage, especially when there are multiple offers.

  • Once you are under contract, your Loan Partner will work in partnership with your real estate agent to ensure that important deadlines are met for an on-time close.

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Luxury Modular Homes
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Step 6

Receive your final loan approval.

  • Your Loan Partner will work with you to handle everything that is needed to finalize your loan.

  • You will upload your documents (such as bank statements, pay stubs, etc.) via our mobile App or Web App. Our in-house Processing team will review your documents to ensure that everything that is required has been received.

  • An appraisal of your new home will be ordered to ensure that it meets the fair market qualifications for your loan.

  • Our Underwriting department will review your files to ensure that your documentation meets the requirements to close your home loan. They will identify any contingencies to your loan, such as a request for a recent paystub, and prepare your file for closing. We do everything in-house so there’s no waiting.

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Online Class
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Step 7

Pre-closing: Receive your loan approval.

  • You are very close to closing your loan!

  • You will receive your closing disclosures with all your loan details for your review.

  • This gives you an opportunity to review your monthly payment, down payment, interest rate and closing costs.

  • It will also detail your conditions to close, which could include submitting the latest pay stubs, employment verification, confirmation of funds available for closing (your down payment), updated income/asset documentation, a letter of explanation for a recent credit inquiry, a gift letter or clarification of information in your tax return.

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Socializing Online
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Close your loan and sign your documents. 

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The New House
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Step 8

As your lender, we coordinate the funding for your home lo​an and handle all the details for you. We work with the title and escrow company and handle wire confirmation and distributions of your down payment and closing costs to ensure the secure and efficient closing of your home loan. 

At your closing, you will: 

You’re a new homeowner.

Get Pre-Approved Today!

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